The contents of Discourse are copyrighted. No part of the journal may be reproduced, hosted or distributed in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Discourse. To obtain permission, contact the editorial team.

Submission Requirements:

Discourse Editorial Team has few and simple considerations applied during soliciting and selecting articles for publication in Discourse Journal:
Discourse covers mainly security and peace, development and governance, and heritage and culture promotions of Africa with a focus on the Horn. Thematic issues can be com-missioned to capable contributors by the Team or articles can be proposed or forwarded to the Team by the authors themselves. Articles must be written with a journalistic style and an academic depth. Articles must not be longer than 4000 words; 12 point font size, all 0.5pts spaced, and Garamond font face. Pictures or art works (original) can be included as part of the story in the article. Articles submitted should be clean and simple grammati-cally and message wise. The Editorial Team tasks itself to edit articles for beauty, language and factuality. The Editorial Team believes the ultimate owners of the ideas expressed as part of the articles are the authors themselves. Except on matters of maintaining the right length and language, the Editorial Team does not interfere to shape or alter the views and opinions of the authors.

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