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Ethiopia and Eritrea:The Waiting Game

What Is the Game?

Ethiopia’s policy towards Eritrea, despite some periodic allegiance for regime change that comes with minimal or even nominal support for Eritrean opposition groups and equally periodic muscle…

Yosief Ghebrehiwet

UAE and Its Relations with the Horn of Africa

This article briefly describes and investigates the relationship of Unit-ed Arab Emirates (UAE) with countries of the Horn of Africa, main-ly Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. With a…

Mehari Taddele Maru

Bridge Over Mereb and Other Rivers

In a 2010 interview I asked the late PM Meles Zenawi if Eritrean ports have lost Ethiopian business forever or they would regain the lost opportunities in the future. He answered,…

Saleh Johar

Federalism, Diversity & Development in Ethiopia

While the new federal system entrenched and empowered ethno national groups, there is an evolving conception of identity and diversity where one observes a shift from focus on diversity to building one political and economic community.

Assefa Fiseha

Time for Americans to Learn a New Vocabulary

Americans always talk down to the world, or lecture is more like. They have what Gunter Grass would describe as "sleep walker’s cer-tainty" about the moral superiority of American leadership, left…

Getachew Reda

Save South Sudan from Fragmentation

This author had the pleasure of working with Doug Cosper, a veter-an American media professional at a UN radio station in South Su-dan. Cosper recently published on his website letters that…

Michael Minassie

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